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September 5, 2013

Using Lightroom with Two Monitors

I’m often asked if Lightroom’s panels can be moved to a secondary screen like you can do in Photoshop. And, while you can’t physically separate the panels in Lightroom and move them, Lightroom does have the option to use two monitors to display images. This video was recorded with a previous version of Lightroom but the information is still valid today. Click here to learn how to take advantage of using the different display options to compare images using multiple views, achieve a consistent look between images, and use two monitors in a sales environment.


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August 28, 2013

The Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom 5

Tap “Q” to access the Spot Removal tool.  Shift + Q toggles between Clone and Heal modes. I swear that I had no idea that this shortcut existed. Yet, there it was, in a previous post of mine. So, I thought it might be worth repeating since we all forget things once in a while.


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August 21, 2013

Additional Crop Tool Options in Lightroom

While using the Crop Tool in Lightroom, Control -click (Mac) | Right Mouse -click (Win) in the image preview area to access a number of crop-related features including: Reset Crop, Crop as Shot, Constrain Aspect Ratio and Crop to Same Aspect Ratio. Or, you can use the following shortcuts:

• Command + Option +R (Mac) | Control + Alt + R (Win) to reset a crop.

• Option + (Mac) | Alt  + (Win) select an aspect ratio from the Crop tool’s drop down to apply the new aspect ratio and reset the crop to the image bounds.

• When cropping an image, double-click in the image preview area to apply the crop and dismiss the Crop tool.

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July 30, 2013

Video Tutorial – Adding Special Effects in Lightroom 5

In this video Tutorial (Adding Special Effects in Lightroom 5), Julieanne explores the best way to convert images to black and white, as well as add tonal overlays, edge effects, selective coloring and film grain textures. Then, you’ll learn how to apply those effects to multiple files using Sync options and Presets.

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July 25, 2013

Video Tutorial – Enhancing Isolated Areas of an Image in LIghtroom 5

In this video tutorial (Enhancing Isolated Areas of an Image in Lightroom 5), Julieanne demonstrated how easy it is to locally refine and enhance your photographs using Lightroom’s selective adjustment tools to dodge and burn, adjust color, add off-center vignettes, and remove dust spots and distracting elements.

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July 23, 2013

Video Tutorial – Create Stunning Images in LIghtroom 5

In this video tutorial (Create Stunning Images), Julieanne demonstrates how to create the highest quality photographs by removing lens distortion, cropping, correcting perspective, and making color and tonal corrections in Lightroom’s Develop module.


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June 27, 2013

Video Tutorials – Top 10 Hidden Gems in Lightroom 5

In this video tutorial (Top 10 Hidden Gems in Lightroom 5), you’ll learn the additional, seldom talked about, features in Lightroom 5 that can make a huge difference in the way that you work with your images.

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June 14, 2013

Video Tutorials – Smart Previews in Lightroom 5

In this video tutorial (Smart Previews in Lightroom 5), you’ll learn how to create lightweight, efficient Smart Previews to work with offline images in Lightroom – including the Develop module!

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June 13, 2013

Video Tutorials – The New Radial Filter in Lightroom 5

In this video tutorial (The New Radial Filter in Lightroom 5), you’ll learn how easy it is to apply Lightroom’s selective adjustments including color and tonal corrections using the new Radial Filter tool.

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June 12, 2013

Video Tutorials – Advanced Healing Brush and Visualization Tool in Lightroom 5

In this tutorial (Advanced Healing Brush and Visualization Tool in Lightroom 5), you’ll discover the new enhancements to Lightroom’s Advanced Healing Brush including the ability to heal and clone non-circular brush spots as well as remove easy-to-miss sensor dust using the new Visualization tool.

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June 11, 2013

Video Tutorials – Correcting Perspective using Upright in Lightroom 5

In this video tutorial (Correcting Perspective using Upright in Lightroom 5), Julieanne demonstrates how to automatically fix common problems such as tilted horizons as well as converging verticals in buildings using Lightroom’s Upright controls for perspective correction.

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June 6, 2013

Upright’s “Reanalyze” Option in Lightroom

When you choose one of the Upright modes in the Lens Correction panel in Lightroom 5, the results are cached so that the adjustment is completely stable.  That means that if you make a change such as enabling/disabling the Profile Corrections and/or Remove Chromatic Aberration options, you will need to click the Reanalyze button if you want Lightroom to forget about those stored (cached) Upright corrections and redo its analysis of the image and compute a new correction. This feature, the ability to Reanalyze (or force an update to the Upright mode) is “as-designed”, and for good reason: in the future, if Lightroom makes changes to the Upright feature, your legacy files will open exactly as they did before.

In addition, by default, Upright will reset any crops or manual transform settings currently applied to an image. This is because rotated crops and manual perspective corrections on existing images will usually interfere with Upright. For this reason, selecting one of the Upright modes will reset the crop and manual perspective adjustments in the Lens Correction Panel (Horizontal, Vertical, Rotate, Scale, and Aspect controls). Resetting the crop has the benefit of showing the user the maximum amount of image area remaining after an Upright adjustment. To preserver these settings, Option + (Mac) | Alt  + (Win) -click when choosing an Upright correction mode.

(Thanks to Eric Chan for these insights!)


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May 20, 2013

Soft Proofing Preview in Lightroom 5

In the Develop module with Soft Proofing enabled, Lightroom 5 displays the before/after view for the Current photo (on the left) and the proofed photo (on the right).


Note: you can still display the Before state on the left (as opposed to the Current photo) by selecting it from the Before drop down menu in the tool bar (under the preview area).


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May 17, 2013

Applying Virtual Copy Settings to the Master File

There have been times when I have decided that the settings that I had applied to the Virtual Copy are better than what are on my Master. In this case, I can quickly apply the settings from a virtual copy to the master, by selecting  Photo > Set Copy as Master (in the Library module).


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May 15, 2013

Automatically “Set as Target Collection” in Lightroom 5

In previous versions of Lightroom, you could Control (Mac) / Right Mouse (Win) -click a collection and choose “Set as Target Collection”. Then, adding additional images to the collection was as simple as tapping the “B” key (as opposed to dragging each image from the grid view into the collection). In Lightroom 5, the “Set as Target Collection” option has been added to the Create Collection dialog (as a check box) so that tapping the “B” key will automatically add the selected image(s) to the targeted collection.


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