Hello world!

All right, in response to Ann-Marie, I’ll begin adding some entries.

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12 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Yoo hoo, James! Calling James Lockman! ;D

  2. Barb Clews says:

    James, I have really enjoyed your course on Lynda for Captivate 5, but I have a problem and I really don’t know how to fix it.

    I am new to Captivate. I have created a training course and want the learner to have two attempts, on the last failed attempt I want to return the learner to the relevant text and then have the learner try again. All the quiz settings are the same I have checked, but the first three questions allow this to happen, but all the questions from then on do not clear to allow the learner to have a third attempt.

    I’m sorry if this is not the right forum for this question, but I really need some help as I have clients waiting for me to create courses.

    Thanks James.

    • James Lockman says:

      Hi, Barb.

      In the Preferences Panel, choose Quiz>Pass or Fail. Here you can set the number of attempts for the Quiz and what to do if the student fails. In your case, set the number of attempts to 2, and then under the Action menu, choose Jump to Slide. I’d set that slide to be at the end of the deck, and have it explain that you want the learner to study the material again and take the course. That slide should have its success action be to jump to the slide where you want the learner to start the course again. See if that does the trick.

      Remember that there are quiz level and question level retake controls. You need to set the retake controls for the Quiz.

  3. Barb Clews says:

    Thanks James. I don’t actually want the learner to get right to the end of the whole course and then go back and take it again. Say for example the course has 60 slides and after the first three text slides there are three quiz slides. If the learner gets the third quiz slide wrong, I want the software to take the learner back to the second of the three text slides to read it again and then go to third quiz slide to take that quiz/question again.

    Will your solution make that happen?


  4. Barb Clews says:

    I have tried that James. The first three questions it works but even with the same setting it doesn’t work for the rest of the course. On question 4 slide you can make two wrong answers and the software takes the learner back to the right page to read the text again but when the learner gets to the question 4 slide to answer it again, the buttons are not active and you can see what the last attempt was. This happens for the rest of the course.

    I’m beginning to doubt my chances of ever getting this right.


    • James Lockman says:

      Hi, Barb.

      Can you send me the captivate file? I want to see what the logic is on the quiz questions.

  5. Barb Clews says:

    Yes James that would be fantastic, will I send it to your email address.


  6. James Lockman says:

    I see now what you are trying to do, and let me explain how you can get this working without having to learn complex scripting.

    Your flow includes one or more slides and then two or more quiz questions about those slides. If the person gets a quiz question wrong, then you want them to review and then return to where they came from. Without writing some scripts, you need to duplicate the help slides so that the flow would look something like this:

    (1) Description slide
    (2) quiz slide: success go to slide 4, fail go to slide 1
    (3) copy of slide 1
    (4) quiz slide: success go to slide 6, fail go to slide 3
    (5) copy of slide 1
    (6) quiz slide: success go to slide 7, fail go to slide 5
    (7) next descriptor

    and so on.

    What’s happening here is that you are only allowing the user a limited number of attempts at the quiz questions, so that when you go back to the description after having failed the second question, your flow then must go through the quiz questions, and you aren’t allowing the learner to do that.

    My solution makes your program a little larger, but you will get the desired result.

  7. Barb Clews says:

    Thanks James. I will work on this all afternoon to see if I can get this working – Barb

  8. Nader says:

    Hi James! I have a question. Firstly, I learned a lot from your Captivate 5 course on Lynda.com. Secondly, my question is simply this. How can I create a custom Windows .exe icon from a Mac using Captivate 5? I followed your instructions, however, the field where is says, “Custom .exe icon”, is greyed out! This is so frustrating and my project is due soon. Can you please tell me how to fix this, or if there is a workaround? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    • James Lockman says:


      It turns out that in Captivate 5, you can make custom icons for the platform on which Captivate is running. That means that you can create a Mac custom icon when you’re using Captivate for Mac, and you can create a Windows custom icon when you’re using Captivate for Windows.

      • Nader says:

        Hi James,

        Thanks for the feedback. I truly appreciate you taking the time to respond. I just find it odd that I can’t create a Windows .exe icon from a Mac. What if I only had a Mac, and my client wanted a Windows .exe icon as their deliverable? (as is the case now). That would mean, I would have to purchase a computer with Windows and purchase another Captivate to make that happen? Am I making any sense? 🙂 Why even have the option visible on a Mac?