Adobe DPS course available at

There is a new course available at to help users get started with Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite.
with: James Lockman
Course Description:
Up and Running with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite shows designers how to create interactive publications for tablet devices using Adobe InDesign and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Introducing this emerging publishing platform, author James Lockman discusses the DPS workflow, comparing it with existing EPUB and print workflows, and highlights key layout and design considerations when designing for DPS. The course explains how to incorporate hyperlinks, slideshows, panoramas, audio and video, and pan and zoom capabilities as a means of adding value to a publication. Lastly, the course sheds light on compiling interactive folios and testing and publishing finished projects. Exercise files accompany the course.
Topics Include:
  • Determining your digital publishing market
  • Designing for an interactive publication
  • Creating buttons
  • Setting up image sequences
  • Building the panorama viewer
  • Configuring audio and setting video playback options
  • Creating a web viewer portal
  • Structuring articles into folios using the Folio Builder
  • Testing a folio locally
  • Publishing folios
  • Building viewers for iPad and Android
2.68 Hours
Here’s a sample:
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