Learn how to use DPS for kiosk applications

My colleague Nissan Dachs and I wrote a new DevNet Article on how to set up your DPS app to work as a kiosk app using JavaScript and some new features found in DPS Release 32.


We provide sample code, too, so check it out!

4 Responses to Learn how to use DPS for kiosk applications

  1. Haeme Ulrich says:

    Could it be that it isn’t running on Android. I were successful on the iPad but not on my Nexus 7.

    –Haeme Ulrich

    • James Lockman says:

      Hi, Haeme.

      What version of Android do you have on your Nexus 7? Also, do you have an R32 Viewer or Content Viewer? The reset directive only works with R32 and higher Viewers.

      • Haeme Ulrich says:

        Hi James

        Thank you for your time! Here my experiences (I’m using your Id files on CC 2014.0).

        The timer doesn’t reset if I’m swiping to the next page. I’m using your sample document “Sample page HTML 1.indd” which links to timer.html

        I’m using the current version ( and my Android is v4.4.4 (pure Android > Nexus 7 2013).
        When I’m using an external HTML file via “Web Content” the timer isn’t starting. When I’m using a HTML snippet (Object > Insert HTML…) I get the error: “Webpage not available. The webpage at navto://relative/reset could not be loaded because: net::ERR_UNKNONWN_URL_SCHEME

        Would be cool if we could find a solution! 🙂


        • James Lockman says:

          Hi, Haeme.

          I was revisiting this thread and wanted to make a broader statement.

          DPS doesn’t support Custom URL schemes in the Android or Windows Viewers. This is not to say that DPS will never support Custom URL schemes on Android or Windows, though. DPS is always evolving, and we know that Custom URL Schemes is something that customers want on Android and Windows. I am not a product manager, so I can’t offer any advise as to when and if Custom URL schemes would be available for Android or Windows, though.