April 13, 2006

Lightroom Podcast #4: Martin Evening, Bryan O’Neil Hughes, and Peter Carides

The fourth Lightroom podcast is available via iTunes (search for “Lightroom”) or this RSS feed. Photography evangelist George Jardine writes, “This podcast was recorded March 23rd 2006, at the Greg Gorman digital photography workshop in Mendocino, California. Guests include Martin Evening, Peter Carides and Bryan O’Neil Hughes joining George Jardine from Adobe Systems. George and his guests have a discussion about the workshop and digital photography workflows, fashion photography, Lightroom features and archiving strategies.” PhotoshopNews also has a good write-up about the workshop.

Posted by John Nack at 8:38 AM on April 13, 2006


  • Theo Goh — 12:46 AM on December 02, 2006

    iTunes for downloading podcasts is just too slow, most of the time it cuts off at the middle of downloading. This happened after I upgrading to the latest version of iTune, I have no such problem with previous version. I have DSL 1mb DL broadband.
    This happened to all podcasts download, not just yours.
    I am in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, does this happened in the US?
    I will much appreciated if you have a direct link to the mp3 file of the podcast. Thats what I do now, direct download from mp3 or video links.
    I downloaded and listened to at least 50 different podcasts every month, from twit, sliceofscifi, NPR, BBC, revision3, Podcastalley, IT conversations, etc… iTunes cease to be my choice of podcasts aggregator.

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