June 13, 2006

Lightroom Beta 3 now on Adobe Labs

The second major update to the Lightroom Public Beta is now available on Adobe Labs. This release remains Mac-only, but the Lightroom Beta for Windows will be available this summer and more public Betas are scheduled to follow with additional functionality.
Beta 3 for Mac includes the following updates:

  1. Before and After views in Develop
  2. History of Develop edits provided
  3. Live preview of HTML/Flash web output in new Web Module
  4. Auto Import or Hot Folder support
  5. Better handling of PSD and TIFF files
  6. Resolution control in Export
  7. Additional straighten tool
  8. Saving module settings with collections and shoots
  9. Keyword import/export
  10. User can specify a custom order for images in a collection or shoot
  11. More options for filtering based on rating
  12. Ability to not filter lists with search string/rating
  13. Black point compensation in Print
  14. Can specify Develop preset to apply during import

As always, we’re eager to hear photographers’ thoughts/rants/raves on what’s needed in this professional workflow application. Click the Community tab on the Lightroom product page for links to the forums. Thanks in advance for your insights.

Posted by John Nack at 5:42 AM on June 13, 2006
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