July 10, 2006

Rotoshop, Darkly

In anticipation of the debut of the new film A Scanner Darkly, animator Greg Geisler points out that the team behind the film has created a site that showcases their work and provides artist bios. The animators use the home-grown tool Rotoshop, and the NY Times has posted a 3-minute audio slideshow that gives a little insight into the process. On a related note, RES magazine has announced the winners of the Adobe-sponsored trailer remix contest.

Posted by John Nack at 1:32 PM on July 10, 2006


  • Maylan Thomas — 6:06 PM on March 06, 2007

    Hi There,
    I have more of a question-not a comment. I’d like to have someone or some group ‘rotoshop’ or rotoscope a picture (if possible?) of me and my partner for our 5 year anniversary. Is this a totally insane request?
    Maylan in Venice,CA
    [I don’t know, but I can forward this to Greg G. You could also try this technique. –J.]

  • L. G. — 11:10 AM on October 28, 2007

    I would like to know if there are any rotoscoping programs available for me to rotoscope my digital clip. Thanks.

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