August 03, 2006

Adobe flashes San Jose

Dang… who said Adobe HQ & San Jose could be cool? According to this press release, the company is due to unveil a huge LED sculpture early next week. Evidently multimedia artist Ben Rubin (creator of grooviness like Listening Post) has been commissioned to light up the SJ skyline:

“Located within the top floors of Adobe’s Almaden Tower headquarters, Semaphore consists of four ten-foot wide illuminated disks composed of 24,000 Luxeon® LEDs donated by Philips Lumileds in San Jose… The giant illuminated disks rotate to a new position every eight seconds and pulse out a message using a visual coding system that is intended to be deciphered. An online audio broadcast will provide a soundtrack of spoken and sung letters, numbers and musical tones that may help decode the message.”

Wow. The Adobe building is quite nice, but it’s a bit on the cold side (former Macromedians said it “looks like a bank“). And as for San Jose… Feh. But now, it’s like my teammate/neighbor Hughes said: “SJ Grand Prix?!…art festival?!…what’s going on around here!? I signed up for strip malls, traffic and urban sprawl…no one said anything about culture!”
I can’t wait to see the work, and I’ll pass along photos when they’re available. I just wonder whether we could get Jenny Holzer to be a guest artist. Now that would be edgy…
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Posted by John Nack at 5:28 PM on August 03, 2006

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