October 22, 2006

Microsoft "Mimesweeper"

Microsoft UX dude Dave Vronay has a great sense of humor about his company’s occasional struggles to make Windows elegant and usable. In his mock-apologetic list of features that didn’t make the cut for Vista, he mentions "Mimesweeper," a more politically sensitive version of the venerable Minesweeper game. "Just like wandering around Paris, the goal is to figure out where all of the mimes are without actually encountering one."  Sadly, he reports, the game came to naught, as did the, ah, highly discoverable "Safe Delete" feature.  [Via]  [For more tech parody see previous.]

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Splice Music: Flash-based networking for DJs

Splice Music is an interesting example of using Flash-based tools to build a social network.  Aimed at aspiring DJs, the site echoes the spirit of JumpCut, the video mash-up service that Yahoo! recently acquired, and the Flash-based sequencer offers some fairly sophisticated audio tools.  It’s cool to see a site embracing rich internet app technology to bring creative folks together.

an example
song sequencer interface (press play button to hear and drag clips around).  The site enables users to:

    • Remix existing songs by other DJs
    • Drag and drop sound clips
    • Embed remixes in a blog or web page with an HTML snippet they provide (similar to YouTube)  
    • Rate songs as well as sounds that compose a song, and search a database of community-rated sounds
    • Record new sounds directly within the UI
    • Browse existing sounds via tags
    • Click on a sound in the sequence to see metadata about that song (BPM, community rating, length, tags, etc)
    • Create detailed artist profiles
    • Add friends

[Via Rob Christensen]

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