April 01, 2007

Your eyeballs’ resolution, historic photos, & more

  • As traditional photo printing heads into obscurity, photo conservationist Dusan Stulik & his crew at the Getty Conservation Institute want to capture what’s being lost. They’re "working on what might be described as the genome project of predigital photography: a precise chemical fingerprint of all the 150 or so ways pictures have been developed" over the last 170 years.  19-century leather printing sounds cool, but as for the uranium prints, he can keep ‘em.
  • Taking a different angle on photo preservation, Shorpy is "The 100-Year-Old Photo Blog." (It’s named after this little dude, apparently.) [Via]
  • I haven’t gotten to poke at it much, but Focus, The Photographic Search Engine, sounds interesting. [Via]
  • Your point-and-shoot has a little way to go before reaching the 576-megapixel resolution of the human eye [Via]
  • And lastly, speaking of resolution, who knew that Google satellite aerial photography could go so insanely close?  If I start balding, they’ll probably know before I do… [Via]
Posted by John Nack at 10:03 AM on April 01, 2007
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