September 17, 2008

Photos in motion; DNG sprouts wheels

  • As you probably don’t need me to tell you, Canon has just announced the 5D Mark II, complete with the ability to record HD-resolution (1080p) video.  This follows on the heels of Nikon’s D90, itself capable of 720p video capture.  My initial thought was that DSLRs capturing video is kind of like dogs walking on their hind legs–not done well (e.g. no autofocus), though interesting to see done at all.  Nikon’s sample videos, however, have gotten me thinking about the possibilities, and film effects pro Stu Maschwitz sees lots of promise.  (He calls Canon’s decision to shoot at 30fps instead of at 24 "almost unbearable," however.)
  • On the other end of the tech spectrum, I’m a big fan of the little Flip video camera.  Now a guy named Reid Gershbein has given a tilt-shift appearance (how, he doesn’t say) to footage from the wee cam.  Hmm–this may motivate me to try applying Lens Blur as a Smart Filter on video using Photoshop Extended.
  • Ikonoskop’s rather potent-looking, weirdly named A-cam dII is, it would appear, first to support DNG for motion capture. "The buzz at IBC is DNG," they write, "so people seem to understand and start to follow our lead in DNG together with Adobe." [Via Scott Sheppard]
  • Interesting video of an SLR: Nikon D3 Shutter Release in Super Slow Motion. [Via Zalman Stern]
  • Photojojo’s got some ideas on making flipbooks from your video content.
Posted by John Nack at 12:56 PM on September 17, 2008
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