February 07, 2010

Concept video: “Augmented HyperReality”

Behold your pulverized, ultra-mediated consciousness of the future:

Fullscreen viewing recommended. [Via]

Posted by John Nack at 7:16 AM on February 07, 2010


  • asdf — 10:42 AM on February 07, 2010

    Thank you for your great video. I also must say that your layout is a pleasure to view. Keep up the good work.

  • Mirko Maus — 11:24 AM on February 07, 2010

    Scary Vision.
    But great clip!

  • Ben — 7:11 AM on February 08, 2010

    Really cool and the video in full screen ?
    Awesome !
    Are our brains going to fry too ?
    [Yours hasn’t already? –J.]

  • noname — 1:07 PM on February 08, 2010

    We need an Augmented HyperReality Adblock Extension =)

  • Rick McCleary — 12:08 PM on February 09, 2010

    Makes me want to go hug a tree. I mean, really, get up, go outside and hug a barky tree. I’m a little ill.

  • William Overington — 8:20 AM on February 12, 2010

    I saw the keyboard at just after 28 seconds into the video and so I ran the video again and made a Print Screen image. I then pasted the image into Microsoft Paint and rotated by 90 degrees so as to read the message just beyond the right edge of the keyboard. It states “KEYBOARD version 10.2”. I wonder (in a creative writing context) if the person in the video can change the keyboard for a keyboard for another language or script?
    William Overington
    12 February 2010

  • William Overington — 9:37 AM on February 12, 2010

    Some readers might like to have a look at some experimental fonts that I produced back in 2007. There are links for them and some notes in the following thread, which thread is entitled “View Augmentation Logos”.
    William Overington
    12 February 2010

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