February 21, 2010

Video: Photoshop 20th anniversary tribute, made in PS 1.0.7

Aw, shucks–check out this thoughtful & clever Photoshop 20th anniversary tribute made by Giovanni Antico using Photoshop 1.0.7:

I’m sure the team will love it, Giovanni; thanks!

Posted by John Nack at 9:01 PM on February 21, 2010


  • Doug Nelson — 9:36 PM on February 21, 2010

    That was adorable!

  • Veronique Brossier — 10:01 PM on February 21, 2010

    Great video and fast skillful Photoshop worker.
    It does bring back painful memories of when Photoshop had no history, nor layers.
    [Or even live preview within dialogs: note the “Preview” buttons visible in the demo. –J.]
    But the low resolution look and the manageable menus are very nice.
    Please add to jumbo CS5 a “reverse to Photoshop 1 mode” option ;-)
    [Wouldn’t it be fun to use the Alchemy C-to-ActionScript converter to compile PS1 as a Flash panel for PS 12? :-) –J.]

  • Joseph O'Reilly — 12:54 AM on February 22, 2010

    What a clever idea, it shows that even in the early days it wasn’t about the program, but it was about what the program let you do.

  • dictionar german — 2:24 AM on February 22, 2010

    He has an interesting style … I like it

  • gantico — 3:23 AM on February 22, 2010

    Thank you very much for the publication and the nice comments. For a better visualization of the pixels, it is highly recommended to watch it at full screen!
    Another tribute to Photoshop, from Italy with love:
    Long life to the Queen and Photoshop Team!!!

  • Ken "Beggar" Rockwell — 3:42 AM on February 22, 2010

    please donate 5$ or i and my family sitting in the poorhouse!!

  • Michaell — 12:01 PM on February 22, 2010

    So when are you going to spill the beans on CS5?

  • Brearne — 6:25 PM on February 22, 2010

    Wow. What an amazing tribute clip to share! I remember using Photoshop 10 years ago when I was in college and one of the themes I explored was the manipulated image. I still have those images today created from Photoshop on display at home. After 8 years of not even looking at the program I have decided to do a course that includes learning how to use all the Adobe programs. How far things have come in 20 years.

  • Mike V — 4:36 AM on March 02, 2010

    Yeah, I forgot about the “Preview” button in the dialogue boxes.
    Man, that brings back memories.
    I remember being absolutely amazed when live preview was released. Can’t remember in which version that was.

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