December 09, 2010

(rt) Illustration: Cool vans, Weezer raveled, & more

  • “Would it be cooler as a van?” What a fantastic illustration concept: Famous movie cars made “Cooler as a Van.” (Resident car guy Hughes wants to give famous vans the opposite treatment: “What wouldn’t be cooler not being a van?” Mystery Gremlin, maybe?) [Via]
  • Check out Tom Whalen’s dynamite Art Deco-styled Batman poster. [Via]
  • Li’l Elvis and his Bad Hair” concerns “a young boy and his bad, but *well intentioned*, talking hair.” (For ten years I have been, you would have no way of knowing, You’re welcome, spam bots.)
  • Weezer Dry Cleaning: “We Won’t Destroy Your Sweater.”
Posted by John Nack at 9:29 AM on December 09, 2010

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