December 13, 2010

Urban Dictionary: PHOBAR


PHOBAR: -adjective, Acronym for ‘PHOtoshopped* Beyond All Recognition.’ A play on the the more popular acronym FUBAR: ‘F’d Up Beyond All Recognition,’ PHOBAR** refers to an image, usually a photo of a person, that has been retouched and airbrushed with digital image manipulation software on a computer so significantly, that the person in the photo is barely recognizable.

[Via Greg Geisler]

*Sorry as always, Adobe Legal.
**Not to be confused with a Vietnamese eatery, or CATOBAR, about which I was reading this morning

Posted by John Nack at 11:15 AM on December 13, 2010


  • RON — 12:23 PM on December 13, 2010

    Hi John,

    I posted a concern on about copyright infringement.

    seems that even though you un-check the boxes allowing saving or printing of images is in theory useless. I can on the first page, you go to when going to an e-mailed link to an album, right click and choose save image as on thumbnail and save the 34k file. Or if you click the thumbnail you can do the same on the larger image saving a 234k and sometimes larger (example 500k) file. Now we all know that for most people that is enough file for them to save to their computer and then have no need to call or request a print to purchase from the creator/artist. Also, you know there is always someone who is willing to take the hours of time to remove any watermark we may place on the image, in an attempt to protect our valued images from theft. I also found that if you right click on the image in a slideshow you can also use view source option and and thus also grab the image. The old interface never took you to a web page, it took you to the slideshow or grid view that we see when we are logged into our account and didnt allow the right click function to work on the mouse. I think we need to go back to that direction with We like to share our work and art with people and peers in our artistic community, but we also don’t want people in theory stealing our work either. And we all have a reasonable expectation that is protecting our images and videos from theft by allowing us to choose if we want to allow or dis-allow saving and printing of our valued work.
    I called in and spoke to someone who gave me the “we are working on it” response, and that this problem had numerous support tickets from many users.

    I understand this is a free service/app from Adobe, and that Adobe is working hard on all their software and apps. But without a more secure we can’t make the money to upgrade our adobe apps.

    Can you please light a small fire under to fix this.


  • Jack Reznicki — 3:55 PM on December 13, 2010

    Thanks John, nice laugh at the end of a trying day. With some of the photos I’ve seen lately, should be word of the year.

  • Jacob Zimmer — 1:36 PM on February 07, 2011

    Thanks for the recognition. PHOBAR is my word, I’m the one who made the entry on Urban Dictionary.

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