February 11, 2012

Time & Tide

Canada’s Bay of Fundy features a high tide that can be 50+ feet higher than low tide. Check out this time lapse:

In an old, obscure corner of my career, I was a Navy Midshipman who spent a month on the USS Zephyr. (Would you have guessed?) I sat on a dock in Alaska, sketching the aft 25mm cannon (below), which I’d just unsuccessfully shot at some seagulls (thankfully I missed). I tend to draw each part methodically, and I kept kicking myself as I failed to get the perspective right among the various pieces. Finally I realized that the tide was lowering the ship so fast that the lines were rapidly changing. Not a great place to draw in pen!


Posted by John Nack at 9:06 AM on February 11, 2012


  • Peter Steeper — 7:28 PM on February 11, 2012

    We have high tides and other interesting things on and near the Bay of Fundy like the Pumpkin Regatta.

    If you come to Nova Scotia we’ll treat you to some rum and lobster!

  • imajez — 9:40 PM on February 15, 2012

    I grew up on the Mumbles [real name] seafront in South Wales and the Bristol Channel supposedly has the second biggest tidal range in the World. So I always found it odd when I’m in places where the sea didn’t completely vanish or go out a mile from shore twice a day.

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