March 02, 2013

Beautiful timelapses

PetaPixel features Jess Dunlap’s “Gorgeous Landscape Time-lapse Created Over 1 Year and with 17,000 Photos.” [Update: Dammit, somewhere in the time since I queued up this post, the video went password-protected. Hopefully it'll come back.]

Elsewhere, look to the skies: Gavin Heffernan writes,

“The skies cleared and showed us an incredible galactic palette! Star Trails shot at 25 sec exposures. No special effects used, just the rotation of the earth’s axis. Photography Merging: STARSTAX. Used Canon 5D & 7D, with a 24mm/1.4 lens and a 28mm/1.8. The Geminids get crazy as the sun comes up (2:20-2:35) but you can spot a bunch more throughout, if you look closely — or here’s a nice shot ( There’s also some passing planets (1:15-1:30 and 2:15-2:25). I believe the first big one is Jupiter.”


Posted by John Nack at 8:03 AM on March 02, 2013
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