January 04, 2014

Lions & GoPros, oh my

Zoologist & “lion whisperer” Kevin Richardson has captured some eye-popping (and somehow not yet eye-gouging) footage romping with big cats:  

What an incredible brand GoPro is building up. Margot bought me one for Christmas & we’re having a ball strapping it to the boys. [YouTube] [Via]

Posted by John Nack at 10:51 PM on January 04, 2014


  • Neil — 9:23 AM on January 06, 2014

    Amazing footage!
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Trevor Dennis — 9:01 PM on January 06, 2014

    Extraordinary, and for so many reasons. Wikipedia says male lions can weigh in excess of 550lb, so the brave Mr. Richardson will be holding up =>200lb when that big male climbs up on him, and that’s without the momentum as it charges out of that long grass. And just how well, and to what distance, can he see into that long grass? You’d hate to think of him getting into a “Whoops! Wrong lion.” type scenario . And how dumb were the GoPro guys? “Shall we stay in the car?”. Apparently the word ‘Obviously’ can mean “Only if you don’t want to be eaten by lions, you daft as a brush city dwellers”, when spoken with a South African accent. I am sure you will be heaps more sensible with your GoPro John.

    But hey, I am just being jealous. I’d give my right arm to be able to play with those lions…. plus a leg… maybe the other foot…

  • J. Peterson — 3:10 PM on January 07, 2014

    Amazing footage. I hope he’s able to correctly judge when it’s time to keep a safe distance. Both Roy Horn and Timothy Treadwell missed their cues.

  • J. Peterson — 3:27 PM on January 07, 2014

    Somewhat related.

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