January 06, 2014

Strange Geometries

Amberlight is a Mac & Windows app helps you create beautiful abstract artwork by manipulating particle fields:


Meanwhile Deco Sketch promises “Mobile artistry for the geometrically obsessed”:

[Via John Stevenson]

[YouTube] [Vimeo]

Posted by John Nack at 10:05 AM on January 06, 2014


  • John Stevenson — 2:08 PM on January 06, 2014

    John, I’ve continued to work with Deco Sketch. It’s addictive – particularly with the export of individual brush outputs to separate Layers in you-know-what CC … Even the iPad version will handle quite large images (3000 by 2000 pixels).
    Given that there’s been some discussion on fx-specific (artistic) apps and filters recently here (on your blog) I thought you might be interested in another blog posting featuring the developer of the app itself: http://tinyurl.com/ol2mbnd
    “I never sought to build a painting application that mimicked anything you could do with a physical brush. I wanted unusual painting tools that users didn’t know what to do with at first. It pushes people to work outside of their comfort zone and thus discover and create something completely new and different.”

  • Poul G — 11:03 PM on January 06, 2014

    There use to be a free app like Amberlight..

    I think it was open source.. I acutely looked for the app for years since i never could find it again once i deleted it..

    It had some of the same functionally that would allow you to generate random shapes and particles that looked like a million via a bunch of sliders and code…


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