February 02, 2014

Ask Me Anything about photo manipulation

And by “me” I mean “someone far smarter & more seasoned in this discipline.”

Dr. Hany Farid “has been called the ‘father’ of digital image forensics by NOVA” & has partnered several times with Adobe. More recently he formed an imaging startup with my old boss, longtime Photoshop VP Kevin Connor. This Thursday at 4pm Eastern time he’ll participate in a Reddit Ask Me Anything event.

[Update: Here’s the transcript of the session. Hany’s quite a witty dude.]

Incidentally, Kevin tells me that “At one point there were people coming to the Fourandsix site after searching for ‘Abraham Lincoln porn.’” And with that, these guys just won the internet.

Mic Drop

Posted by John Nack at 1:52 PM on February 02, 2014


  • michael jahn — 2:04 PM on February 02, 2014

    I was wondering where i might find me some Abraham Lincoln porn. Thanks.

    [WHO WASN’T? –J.]

  • Kevin Connor — 4:13 PM on February 02, 2014

    You are evil and devious, John. I think you’ve just ensured more traffic to our website from stovepipe-hat-loving deviants for the foreseeable future.

    [Whatever. It. Takes. ;-) –J.]

  • Paco Ortega — 12:13 AM on February 03, 2014

    My wife is a history buff who loves her some Civil War role play. Sometimes she even asks me to give her the old Honest Abe – an antiquated position involving the surrender of everything below her Mason-Dixon line. I mean they didn’t call him the Great Depantsimator for nothing. Zing! He scored four with seven inches and that was just in Gettysburg. Thank you! Good night!

    [It has begun…! –J.]

  • Paco Ortega — 6:55 AM on February 03, 2014

    But seriously folks, if you and your partner possess decent flexibility and are interested in forming a ‘more perfect union’ then I highly recommend taking a crack at The Preamble. True patriots are never afraid to exercise their 5th Appendage rights!

    That’s correct, Your Honor, Mr. Wapner sir, I plead the 4th & the 5th: the right to bear *^%# and the right to remain -#!**^

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