Converting a PDF to Word format

Most of us have successfully converted Microsoft Word documents to PDF using Acrobat’s built-in PDFMaker application. If the Word document is set up correctly, then text, links, and images appear as expected in the PDF.
But what if you want to (re)convert that PDF content back into Word format so that you can reuse the content? Judging from the comments in forums and on Acrobat help pages, many users want to do this. You can convert PDFs to other file formats by using the File > Export command in Acrobat. A description of how to do this and some tips from the Acrobat community are in this Acrobat Help topic, “Convert PDFs to Word, RTF, or other text formats”.
But converting PDF to Word can be problematic. A lot depends on how complex the document is. See Duff Johnson’s blog entry on at for some things to consider.

One Response to Converting a PDF to Word format

  1. Peter says:

    I have a document in PDF that I want to convert to Microsoft Word. How do I do this?