Acrobat Forms tips & tricks

I came across three forms tips in the Adobe Acrobat User Community Newsletter. These tips are designed to increase your productivity when signing or creating forms.

Tip 1: Create a signature stamp to sign PDF forms
A scan of your signature converted to an Acrobat stamp makes it fast and easy to sign forms without printing them. From the Comment task pane, open Annotations. Select Custom Stamps from the Stamp icon pulldown. Select Custom Stamps >Create Custom Stamps. Import a gif of your scanned signature. Now place the stamp whenever you need to sign. It will be accepted almost anywhere that you could use a real-world signature stamp. Here’s a video that shows you how: Create a signature stamp to sign PDF forms.

Tip 2: Edit form fields without using the Form Editing Mode
Once you’ve created your form and are back in Viewer Mode, you may want to make more changes. Rather than go back into Form Editing Mode, simply activate the Select Object mode. All form fields are instantly highlighted. Right-clicking a field brings up a menu with the same option as in the Form Editing Mode. Click the hand tool to return to normal browse mode. Here’s a video that shows you how: Editing form fields in a PDF Document.

Tip 3: Change tabbing order of a form
To change the tabbing order of a form, click the Tools task pane and open the Forms panel. Click Edit and open the¬†Fields panel. This shows all of the form fields in the document. The tab order is the order of the fields as listed. To change the tab order, simply drag and drop a field name to a different location. Here’s a video that shows you how: Getting Started: Creating Simple Forms¬†(starting at 00.48 seconds on the timeline).

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