Flex, LiveCycle, and Single Sign-on

Who out there cares about integrating Flex, LiveCycle Data Services (LCDS), and Single sign-on (SSO)?

This topic has been coming up a lot lately, so I’m reaching out to learn what interest others have in this area.

Adobe Professional Services provided a Flex/LCDS/SSO integration solution for two different clients over the past few months. The two clients had several things in common:
• Both have an existing SSO infrastructure in place.
• Both wanted to adopt Flex and LCDS, but were unsure about how to integrate the Adobe technologies into their existing security infrastructure.
• Both ultimately got a viable solution.

The clients are also different in some important ways:
• One uses SiteMinder, the other uses Oracle Access Manager (formerly known as Oblix).
• For one client we had to integrate with SSO “as is”; configuring SSO to be “LCDS-aware” was not an option.
• For the other, SSO was configured to provide special handling for LCDS.

I am in the process of writing up a white paper on what we learned. That was part of the impetus for starting this blog. If anyone out there is grappling with issues related to Flex/LCDS/SSO integration this would be a good time to hear about them. Please weigh in.

In any case, watch this space for more on SSO. I’ll post again when the white paper becomes available on Devnet. If there’s interest I may put a draft out for review before publication.


Hello out there!

In this, my first public Adobe blog, I’ll post a brief introduction in case someone wants to know who I am or where I’m coming from.

I am a Technical Architect in Adobe’s Professional Services (PS) organization. PS is a consultancy within Adobe consisting of roughly 150 people in North America and Europe. We create custom solutions based on Flex, LiveCycle, and Flash Media Server (FMS) products for government and business clients in a wide variety of industries. Typical project duration ranges from 3 to 6 months.

My deepest expertise is in Flex. I’ve been working full-time on Flex since its earliest days at Macromedia (was it 2002?), though over the last several years LiveCycle has been an important part of most projects. The Adobe platform is great to work with.

My goal with this blog is to establish a channel of communication with the greater community of people doing work similar to ours. It should provide a way to disseminate lessons learned and other information that will benefit all users of the Adobe platform. It should also provide a way to solicit information from the community on topics related to our current work.

Thank you in advance for participating,
John Bennett