Creating a New Blog!

My name is James Talbot and I have been with Adobe for over 10 years performing multiple different roles within the company from a sales engineer to a technical trainer. I am currently working in the enterprise business unit focusing on enabling people how to build customer experience management solutions.

The internet has come a long way in ten years, much of it due to the amazing success of the Flash platform. We use Flash to watch videos, interact with others through collaboration, play games, and much more. HTML and Flash have always worked well together; in fact one of the reasons Flash took off was because it could be embedded inside of HTML pages so easily and not have to open up in separate window. It is exciting that HTML5 is developing some of the multimedia capabilities that Flash offers and even more exciting how quickly everything is moving to mobile. Both Flash and HTML are important parts of this revolution.

Unfortunately, much of this “revolution” focusing on experience, innovation and mobile computing has not yet taken off in the enterprise world; most people have great experiences on the web in consumer environments and then go to work and continue to use archaic systems where user interface design is often an afterthought.

I will use this blog to post about Customer Experience Management solutions that enable developers to build applications that greatly increase the usability of enterprise systems using LiveCycle, Flash, Flex, HTML, and mobile.

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  1. Smith says:

    good start 🙂