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Apache Jackrabbit 2.3 is out

Today we announced the release of Apache Jackrabbit 2.3.0. It’s the result of over nine months of development since the Jackrabbit 2.2 release, and contains changes related to over a hundred new features, improvements and bug fixes. See the release notes for the full details.

Before you rush in an upgrade all your production systems to Jackrabbit 2.3, note that this release has explicitly been marked unstable. In fact all 2.3.x releases will be unstable development releases cut directly from trunk. A stable 2.4 maintenance branch will be created in a few months for production-ready releases. See the Jackrabbit roadmap for more details about our new unstable/stable release strategy.

Apache Tika issues over time

Apache Tika is one of the open source projects I actively work on. Tika is just gearing up for a new release, so I wanted to look at where we are in terms of open vs. resolved issues. The report over the entire lifetime of Tika looks pretty nice:

The red line shows the number of new issues created, and the green one the number of resolved issues. There are a few small bumps and plateaus along the way, but the overall trajectories are looking very healthy with plenty of new issues coming in and most of them getting resolved at a good rate. Assuming no big surprises, we’ll be seeing TIKA-1000 filed sometime next year.