Talking about the repository

Last week I was busy presenting Apache Jackrabbit and our commercial work on top of it. It started in Tuesday evening when I presented the Apache Jackrabbit project at the Swiss Open Source Awards ceremony  in Zürich.

Jackrabbit had been nominated for the award in the community category (other categories were business case and youth). Even though the award went to another project, the award ceremony and the included Webtuesday presentation on MongoDB was pretty nice. I had three minutes to present the Apache Jackrabbit project to the audience, so I put together the following short graphical overview to support the presentation.

Next in my schedule was the .adaptTo(Berlin) meetup on Thursday and Friday. The technical meetup was organized by pro!vision GmbH in cooperation with Adobe and focused on the Apache Sling project and related technologies, most notably our CQ5 (now WEM) product built on top of it. The meetup was well organized (thanks, pro!vision!) and I really liked the no-nonsense tone of the event, with plenty of in-depth presentations by people who really knew their stuff. See Gabriel’s photos for a glimpse of the action.

I contributed with two talks about the JCR content repository. The first was about repository performance, a topic that’s not too well covered in the available documentation. I tried to pack quite a bit of information to my presentation that’s shown below.

My second presentation was a bit higher level talk about the changes we’ve been making to the deployment and management architecture of the repository. The core repository still remains the same, but it can now be deployed as an OSGi bundle and managed through JMX, as explained in the presentation below.


For more good stuff, see also all the other presentations from the .adaptTo(Berlin) meetup.

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