by Kevin Goldsmith


September 20, 2005

Over time, I hope to make this a series. Just quickie tips and tricks for those who are interested.

For those who don’t know Adobe Help Center, it is currently shipped with all the CS2 products. It is how these products display their help content.

My first post will be a tip, but there are many secret tricks with AHC too (as I’ve noticed some of you pointing out in the User To User Forums).

Did you know that in addition to searching within the product that you are displaying that you could also search against all the products whose help is installed with AHC?

If you click on the little magnifying glass icon to the left of the search text box, you will get a pop-up menu letting you search against all installed products, or just the current product.

The cool thing about this is that you can see how features in different products relate to each other. For example, you can see how color specifying is different in Photoshop and InDesign easily.

Not only will you search against multiple products (Illustrator, InCopy, etc…), but if you have help installed in multiple languages, you will get the matches across languages too, which may or may not be useful, but is important to know.

Hope that this was informative.


  • By lindsay - 9:17 AM on October 12, 2005  

    adobe excelent tutorial