by Kevin Goldsmith


September 16, 2005

Hello all! I’m delighted to round out the first dozen of the public Adobe blogs. I’m a software developer in Adobe’s Core Technologies team working in the Center Of The Universe (also known as the neighborhood of Fremont in Seattle, Washington).

CoreTech (as we call it) is responsible for some of your favorite stuff in your favorite Adobe products. We make sure that colors map correctly in Photoshop and that your separations print well in InDesign.

Since joining Adobe last year, I’ve mostly been working on Adobe Help Center which made its debut in Photoshop Elements 3. I’m working on some other new technologies as well, but they are still super secret…

With my Adobe blog, I’m hoping to cover a wide range of issues. I plan to talk about technology (especially Adobe Technology), the internet, cross platform software development and I’ll probably talk a bit about Help Center as well.

More next week…


  • By Aaron Brethorst - 3:59 PM on September 16, 2005  

    Woo, Fremont! It’s a pity Torrefazione is closing next week. Great to see more software developers from the Seattle area blogging :)Cheers,Aaron

  • By Michael Ramirez - 10:53 AM on February 10, 2006  

    It would be great to get a little background on you and how you ended up with Adobe.