by Kevin Goldsmith


October 18, 2005

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the DIY movement and its current nickname, “The Long Tail.” The long tail describes a movement where through electronic publishing and distribution small scale content creators can find customers and support themselves. Wired had a nice article about this last year.

As it relates to this venue, I’ve been wondering what Adobe can do to help independent content producers (or artists in non-marketing speak) monetize their work. I think that it is pretty safe to say that our tools are behind a lot of the digital content that independants are creating. I’m not talking about creating a marketplace or something like that. I’m talking about hooking the photoshop wiz up with the on-demand t-shirt printing, selling and mailing company. I’m talking about hooking up the video artist with the on-demand DVD burning, selling and mailing company.

Some of this stuff would be very simple to do. How hard would it be for Zazzle or Cafe Press to write a Photoshop or InDesign plug-in so you could output straight to their sites and preview on a t-shirt?

I’m being a bit deliberately vaugue on this because I’m interested in hearing what our customers think about this. Are you doing something like this and is there something that we could do to help out?