by Kevin Goldsmith


December 16, 2005

If you wonder why I haven’t posted in a while its because I’ve been waiting to do this post. We’ve been right on the edge of getting this out to everyone for a little while now and I’m delighted that we have this for you now.

Elements users already have Help Center 2.0 and most of these features, but if you’re interested in upgrading from 1.0 or 1.1…
In AHC 2.0 we simplified the UI significantly, making certain things more obvious (like searching across products). Also we improved search giving more hits, but also better organized and better ordering of search results.
A super cool feature is that you if you are connected to the internet, you will get new info from Adobe about support issues or new features and such right in the table of contents, updated daily if you are on-line.

In AHC 2.1, we simplified the UI even more, removing the Expert Support stuff (so if you are an expert support customer, you might want to hold off) in order to make the UI simpler for everyone else.

For windows:

For Mac:

On another note, AHC 2.1 will be my last release on the Help team, I’m not leaving Adobe, I’m returing to my first love: graphics. I’m working on a new project I can’t tell you about (yet…) So now my posts might be less about internationalization, XML, SQL and more about Domains of Definition, Regions of Interest and Convolution Kernels.


  • By Caleb Clauset - 6:28 PM on February 2, 2006  

    Any ideas when AHC 2.1 will return? Neither the Mac nor Win downloads can be found…