by Kevin Goldsmith


March 13, 2007

is reading the news sites or blogs where somebody mentions an Adobe product that I have some involvement with. Especially those products who haven’t been released yet. It’s fun to see how excited people are for the stuff we are working on. It is also painful to see how wrong the speculation is or how incorrect the rumours are. I correct the things I can (the ones that are actually public) and I bite my tongue on the others (those will be public soon enough). Either way, it is just cool to see that people are interested in what Adobe is doing. A lot more fun than the kind of things I used to hear about my company’s products in my last job (starts with an M and ends with a T…)

Ok. one dish. Every “leaked” code name I’ve seen for After Effects is wrong. Those guys are waaaay more creative in their codenames than any of y’all give them credit for.