by Kevin Goldsmith


October 31, 2007

So, I’ve been meaning to post about some of the cool hydra filters that folks have been posting to their blogs and the Hydra Filter Gallery. I’ve been pretty busy working on the next release of the AIF Toolkit, but the whole team has been really digging some of the cool filters that everyone has been posting. Here are some of my favorites so far (in no particular order)… This is just a subset of what has been posted to the gallery…

Double Plasma by Martin ‘Cifko’ Stefcek – This is just so wonderfully trippy.
Fuzz by Tyler Glaiel – This would be the start of a cool cross-disolve filter.
Colored Spotlight by Andy Zupko – I like this one because it is simple, but very effective.
Spherize by Joa Ebert – The first non-Adobe hydra developer contribution is something pretty cool: a simple, yet powerful spherize filter. Joa has posted a ton of filters, I just had to pick one to be fair.
AIF’s own Mangler mashed up two of Joa’s filters: Technodots and Twirl and came up with this beauty: TechoTwirl SineNoise: The lack of a built-in noise or random function (currently) in Hydra prompted Mario Klingerman to see what he could do to create noise. Very cool. He’s also posted some great gradient generators in the gallery.
Polar Coordinates: This is another fun kernel to play with. by wf
Zeh has created an adjustable threshhold filter that is pretty cool and yet pretty simple and easy to understand.
The Vortex filter by Jan is also amazingly trippy, this thing looks awesome animated.


In a future post, I’ll link to some of the stuff that the hydra developers have been posting on their blogs.


What are your favorite filters? Also, what kinds of things would you like me to cover in future posts? Let me know in the comments or on the forum.