by Kevin Goldsmith


October 1, 2007

This morning, at the close of the MAX keynote, we formally announced that the AIF Team’s image processing language, code-named “Hydra”, will be part of Astro AKA Flash Player 10. Emmy and Justin from the Flash team demoed an application called the Adobe Image Foundation Toolkit Technology Preview. That tool is available from Adobe Labs NOW.

We are super-excited to get this technology into your hands to see what you can do with it!

The application that we have made available will let you build hydra filters and see them run on your images. The AIF team wants your feedback on the language and the tools so that we can continue to improve them before their final release.

While this technology is new to Flash, it isn’t new to Adobe products, we first shipped this technology in After Effects CS3. That said, there has been a ton of effort to get this release ready for you to play with and it feels great to see it on the big screen in front of a crowd of enthusiastic developers!

Now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, I’ll be posting more on this blog about Hydra and Astro so stay tuned. You can also post questions and comments on the labs forum.

Don’t forget our Talk about the AIF Toolkit and Hydra! Wednesday, 3pm in Room
Room W-183B


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    Hydra is here!

    Finally the Adobe team released the Hydra’s tech-preview package, available for download right here: reading the documentation, there are some cool things that aren’t expected to work in the Flash player, anyway Hydra signify a huge step forward for t…