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April 11, 2008

AIF Toolkit Preview Release #2 available now!

I’ve been promising it for a while, but it is finally available for download. The second release of the AIF Toolkit with a lot of changes under the hood (many requested by you!)

A partial list:

  • Supports both GPU and CPU execution of Hydra filters. A filter will automatically run on the CPU if your graphics card is not supported by the application.
  • Supports user preferences and their persistence across application launches.
    • Flash Warnings and Errors – with this preference checked, Hydra code will be checked for validity against the subset of Hydra that Flash Player supports.
    • Render on Idle – this setting determines if the toolkit should try to render as often as possible. You may choose to turn off this setting to conserve power when running using battery power on a laptop.
  • Supports exporting a Hydra filter as Hydra Byte Code for future use with Astro.
  • There have been some changes and additions to the Hydra language.
    • Conditionals are supported in Flash-compatible Hydra – you are now able to use ‘if’ statements in your Hydra for Flash programs.
    • A languageVersion statement is now compulsory in Hydra files
    • Images are now parameters – images are now available by name in the kernel scope instead of the evaluatePixel scope. That means that they can be used more easily in the per-frame functions like evaluateDependents and the region reasoning functions. In addition, the function signatures for the needed and changed functions have been simplified. The input_index has been replaced by an imageRef and the domain of definition array is no longer passed in. There is a new built-in function – “dod” – that returns the domain of definition of an image.
    • There are two new built-in functions in Hydra to support pixel aspect ratio (PAR): float2 pixelSize(image) float pixelAspectRatio(image) You can use these functions anywhere inside the kernel, as long as the image parameters to both functions are the declared global input or output image variables.

    There are a ton more changes big and small. This is still a preview release. There are more changes to come will be in a following preview release. Please try it out and let us know if you find any problems or have more suggestions.

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