by Kevin Goldsmith


May 5, 2008

Hydra is an awesome name for a language like the one we created. At the very beginning, Jonathan Shekter came up with it as a code name for this cool language that could run on different kinds of hardware efficiently. The problem is that it’s a great name for any kind of technology that does multiple things, so it is pretty popular. We didn’t want to confuse folks, so we worked with the Adobe branding team to come up with a new name that we could use moving forward. That name is Pixel Bender ™.

So from now on, if you hear me say “hydra” in a 1:1 conversation (sorry, conference talks are out), you can call me on it and I’ll give you a cool limited-edition hydra pin (while supplies last).

Along with the name change of the language, we’re also changing the name of the “AIF Toolkit” to be the “Pixel Bender Toolkit.” The file extensions will also change. We should be posting a new version of the toolkit soon with these changes.

very obscure reference/fact
It is only partially true that the name Pixel Bender won out over another internal favorite “Shektran” because I was hoping to finagle a visit to Rough Draft Studios or The Curiosity Company (joke).