by Kevin Goldsmith


September 9, 2008

At the Photoshop World conference last week, Johnny Loiacono and John Nack demoed some new Photoshop coolness. If you missed it there is a video of it at The Creative Suite Podcast. Especially cool was the prominent use of some of the technology from the Adobe Image Foundation team.

The sweet super-fast scrolling and zooming was built on top of Adobe Image Foundation technology by the Photoshop team. In the video, it starts at 16:40.

Johnny and John also showed Pixel Bender filters running in Photoshop for the first time ever. That is at 32:10. This is something that we’ve been working on for a long time and it was great to see it get such a massive roll out.

Expect more news from me about Pixel Bender and Photoshop soon…