by Kevin Goldsmith


November 16, 2008

Hey everybody! I’ve been laying a bit low for a little while because the team has been heads-down preparing for MAX and polishing our latest releases.

It seems crazy that only around a year ago we first announced Pixel Bender publicly! At that time we were only taking about Flash, although we had been working to make Pixel Bender plug-ins work with After Effects and Photoshop (John Nack had an excellent hint on his blog that day). This year, we’re doing a 90 minute lab on Pixel Bender every day and there are two additional Pixel Bender sessions from the Flash developer community! I’ll also be doing the lab twice in Milan at MAX Europe.

Tonight, we posted a new release of the Pixel Bender Toolkit, version 1.1. This version is newer than the one that shipped with CS4. There are some bug fixes and a great developer guide and reference put together by the developer documentation team. Also included is the promised Pixel Bender command-line compiler, PBUtil. Those of you using other tools or looking to automate your Pixel Bender workflows can use it, and those who want to create 3rd party tools can use it for both kernel and bytecode compatibility.

The most important release tonight is the Pixel Bender Plug-in for Photoshop Cs4. It supports both Pixel Bender kernels and Graphs and is accelerated for both GPUs and multi-core CPUs.

You can now use the same Pixel Bender filter in Photoshop, After Effects and Flash!

All of these releases are now available from our new labs page:

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For those at MAX SF: Brian Ronan, Bob Archer and I are will be at the Meet The Team session for the Flash team tomorrow night. Come by and say hi or find us in the halls of Moscone or the Marriot! We always want to find out what folks are doing with Pixel Bender! Unfortunately, all of the labs are full, but we will post our content after all the MAXes are over.