by Kevin Goldsmith


December 23, 2008

For those of who couldn’t make it, I’m happy to post up the exercises and slides from our “Creating Effects With Pixel Bender” Lab that was presented at MAX 2008 in San Francisco and Milan. The feedback from the lab was great, thanks to all who attended!

The goal of this lab is not to make you a Pixel Bender whiz, but to get you started. It is assumed that you know your way around Flash Authoring a bit and that you are at least familiar with ActionScript. No Pixel Bender or image processing knowledge is assumed (that is what the lab is for!). A lot of people who took the lab had been a bit intimidated by Pixel Bender, but realized that it is very easy and fun to play with.

In order to go through this lab, you need to have Flash Professional CS4 installed. If you don’t have it on your computer, you can download a trial here. You also need the Pixel Bender Toolkit. If you purchased Flash, it should already be installed. If you don’t have the Pixel Bender Toolkit, you can install it from here.

You can download the presentation slides from this link: Download file. Without us talking, they may not be that useful, but I’m posting them anyway.

You can download the exercises from this link: Download file.

A big thanks to Lee Brimelow from whom I liberally stole when writing the exercises and to Bob Archer and Brian Ronan, who helped me write the slides and who co-taught the class with me in San Francisco.