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January 16, 2009

Some cool experiments with Pixel Bender

Since the first posting of the Pixel Bender toolkit, developers have been pushing the boundaries, moving beyond image and video processing filters. Some really cool things have been posted, so I thought I would call attention to some of the things I’ve seen. There is a ton more out there to check out, this is just some of the things I’ve seen posted lately.

David Lenaerts has created a smoke/fluids simulation in Pixel Bender utilizing 49 Pixel Bender kernels per frame! Also, he has posted the source, which is always cool.

“the chuck” has created a sawtooth synthesizer in Flash using Pixel Bender to generate the waveforms.

Joe Cutting has created a wind tunnel simulator using Pixel Bender.

Mike Welsh created a cool ray tracer in Pixel Bender and was cool enough to post it in the Pixel Bender exchange.

Tom Beddard has posted a really pretty Mandelbrot generator in the Pixel Bender Exchange.

There has been literally a flood of cool posts on people’s blogs about Pixel Bender, in the future, I’ll try and collect more links to show you here. We’re pretty busy working these days on the next gen of cool stuff for you to use… 🙂

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