by Kevin Goldsmith


February 13, 2009

Ryan Taylor presented at the Adobe MAX conference in San Francisco last November on Pixel Bender. I didn’t get to see it because I was teaching the tutorial at the same time, so I was really looking forward to watching the video. It is finally up! I’m really impressed because Ryan got a lot of the info at the very last minutes (it was changing right up to MAX) and still put together a great talk. There are a couple of minor errors in it on some of the background, but nothing major. Unfortunately, the recording gets cut off, but it is still a good talk if you want to get a good view of Pixel Bender for CS4.

Lee Brimelow (who also created the great Pixel Bender tutorials at has a good shorty tutorial as part of the ADC Presents series and does a really nice walkthrough of a Pixel Bender kernel. It’s basically the 10 minute condensed version of the Pixel Bender tutorials we did at MAX.

Paul from Flash Downunder also does a great tutorial on using Pixel Bender in Flash as well that goes into a bit more depth.