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April 19, 2009

video of my talk to the Seattle Flash User’s group last June

I spoke to the Seattle Flash User’s group last June, and I hadn’t realized that they’d posted video of it until just now…

Live Videos by Ustream

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April 3, 2009

Pixel Bender Toolkit v1.5 released!

The newest version of the Pixel Bender Toolkit has been released on Adobe Labs. This is pre-release 6, but it is also version 1.5. This new version includes the ability to edit, compile and run Pixel Bender Graphs (supported in Photoshop and After Effects). It also has a number of bug fixes, specifically in areas around PBJ generation.

You can get it from the Pixel Bender Technology area on Adobe Labs, and please let us know about any issues or suggestions for the next release in our forums, our Adobe Group or on twitter.

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April 2, 2009

More Cool Pixel Bender Experiments

Ralph Hauwert wanted to see what he could do with Pixel Bender and Alchemy to get the most possible performance from the Flash Player. He created this experiment showing a 3D particle system using over 300,000 particles rendered in 3D in real time. More info and the demo on his blog.

Rob Skelly has a post on his blog showing how to use Pixel Bender for general purpose math. "So, does using Pixel Bender for math really help? Yes! In my simple tests, using Pixel Bender for collections of Numbers larger than a few hundred is at least 3x as fast and much better still for larger sets and more complex calculations. There is some overhead associated with setting up the shader objects, but depending on what you’re doing, the savings are definitely worth it."

Tom Beddard (the creator of the Esher Droste effect and the sweet Mandelbrot renderer in Pixel Bender) has dropped some new Pixel Bender coolness with a landscape raytracer! This is pretty neat and he also includes the source and some background on how he created it. Very nice.

Frank Reitberger has created a very trippy sphere generator with Pixel Bender and also includes the sources and a demo on his blog.

Aaron Conran decided to see what he could do using Pixel Bender, AIR and Explorer. The result is the Pixel Bender Explorer application. It also allows you to reference pbj files as effects in the wild to play with them. This app is a ton of fun.

David Lanaert has been experimenting with physical simulation in Flash using Alchemy and Pixel Bender. He created an web app called Farbe that lets you do watercolor simulation in Flash using Pixel Bender. It is really impressive, especially the performance he achieved. Really inspiring to play around with!

Thanks to everybody in the community who continues to push the bounaries using Pixel Bender. We have some very exciting stuff that we’re working on that will help you create a whole new generation of awesomeness! Stay tuned!

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