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May 21, 2009

Adobe Romania Sponsors Pixel Bender contest for BEST

Mihai Pricope, a platform evangelist from Adobe Romania posted about this on his blog.

Adobe Romania helped sponsor the 2009 Bucharest Best Engineering Competition for the Board of European Students of Technology. Miti taught introduced the students to Pixel Bender and below you see what they produced two hours later. He has a zip of the pixel bender kernels on his blog.


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May 14, 2009

Editing Pixel Bender in Eclipse with PBDT

I’ve often been asked if Adobe was going to do an eclipse plug-in for Pixel Bender. It’s been something that we definitely wanted to do, but I wasn’t sure when we would get to it. Joa Ebert decided to take advantage of the PBUtil command-line application that we ship with the Pixel Bender Toolkit SDK to create his own eclipse plug-in, PBDT. He even came up with a way to get Pixel Bender development working with Linux (another often requested feature).

I’ve been playing with it a bit (it integrates with Flex and FDT pretty well) and it is a cool alternative way to do Pixel Bender development.

Thanks to Joa for his contribution to the community!

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