by Kevin Goldsmith


September 29, 2009

It is MAX time again, and this year looks like it will be over the top. There are some exciting things that will be shown related to Pixel Bender. None of which I can discuss right now, of course!

I’ll be hosting a Pixel Bender Birds of a Feather on Wednesday at noon at Table 1. Please join us to discuss your Pixel Bender feature requests and ask any of your burning questions.

If you can’t wait until Wednesday, tweet a message to @pixelbender (after Monday’s keynote) and if I have time, I’d love to talk to any Pixel Bender developers who will be in Los Angeles during MAX.

See you in LA!


  • By undavide - 8:50 AM on October 9, 2009  

    Hi Kevin,would it be possible to know, now that MAX is gone, what are those “exciting new things” you were talking about?I suspect it could be something linked to a Mark Niemann-Ross speak at MAX 2009, but I couldn’t find neither yours nor his on AdobeTV, so I’m pretty curious…!Thanks in advance,Davide