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February 23, 2010

New Pixel Bender video from Lee Brimelow on AdobeTV

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February 10, 2010

more Pixel Bender learning resources from the community

Still so many cool things getting posted out there in the Pixel Bender developer community. This time, I’m going to point out some tutorials and guides that I’ve seen recently:

The AS3 to Pixel Bender Guide by Corey von Birnbaum. This is a short post with some good analysis by Corey on good ways to get good performance out of Pixel Bender in the Flash Player and also some good links to other Pixel Bender reference and tutorial sites.

Pixel Bender Tutorial by Matthew Butt. Nice, quick, tutorial which covers the basics and covers a couple of the easily messed up bits when using Pixel Bender in Flex.

CodeDependent Video on using Pixel Bender Effects in Flex 4. Ok, this isn’t strictly from the community, but it is still a nice video showing some of the cool Pixel Bender support added to Flex4. (Oh, and ignore the comment he makes about the history of Pixel Bender at the beginning, uh, that is way incorrect). I link to the page because it has a demo and the source in it.

Cory McMahon gave a talk at the LA Flex group on using Pixel Bender and doing HDR in Flex. There is some nice simple explanations of gaussian kernels before he talks about PB and he gives us some (deserved) barbs on how Pixel Bender is limited in Flash. Overall, it is a nice talk on doing image processing in Flex with and without PB.

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