by Kevin Goldsmith


July 12, 2010

In this video, Russell shows you how to use the Oil Paint filter that comes with the Pixel Bender Plug-in for Photoshop CS5 to create some Van-Gogh-esque art.

Also, I want to give some props to Adobe Research’s Holger Winnemoeller who wrote the filter, it is really cool!


  • By Royi - 6:56 AM on July 31, 2010  

    Is there a way to get the Code for reference?

    • By Kevin Goldsmith - 5:27 PM on August 2, 2010  

      Sorry. The Oil Paint filter was written by an Adobe Researcher, Holger Winnemoeller, and is using some algorithmic magic he wants to keep under wraps for now.

  • By Drew Skillman - 8:11 AM on December 28, 2011  

    Ahh – i was looking for the same thing. Didn’t realize it must have been embedded somewhere other than the “Pixel Bender Files” .pbk filters. Was banging my head trying to understand where it was hiding.

    I wonder if there’s a simpler version he’d be willing to share? I imagine the filter generates and uses lots of intermediate buffers – that’s the part that I’d be most intrigued to see. And then of course seeing if I can get it to work in after effects 😉