by Kevin Goldsmith


August 28, 2010

Two new Tutorials crossed my browser this week for the Pixel Bender plug-in for CS5. Both about the Oil Paint filter. Now folks, the Oil Paint filter is pretty awesome, but you know that you can run lots of other filters in the Pixel Bender plug-in too, right? 🙂

El tutorial primero es en español por mis amigos que hablan español: [CORRECTION: it is Portuguese, not Spanish, D’oh!]


The second tutorial is in the Queen’s english, courtesy of Gavin Hoey:

Oil Painting Effect in Photoshop CS5 & Pixel Bender from Gavin Hoey on Vimeo.


  • By Hristo - 7:14 AM on September 2, 2010  

    Kevin, the first tutorial is in portuguese really 😉 I do speak spanish, but I still didn’t get much of this one

    • By Kevin Goldsmith - 4:49 PM on September 2, 2010  

      I thought it was in Portuguese, but Google Translate told me the page that I got it from was in Spanish. I should have known better because I speak some Spanish too, but couldn’t understand it either 🙂

      thanks for the correction!