by Kevin Goldsmith


October 11, 2011

I currently have two positions open for students graduating with a bachelors or masters degree on my team, Adobe Carousel. One position is for a developer and the other is for a white box test developer. The requirements for both are very similar, since both are coding positions. I need strong coders with experience in C/C++ as well as ObjC, Java or a functional language. We are building on a heavily threaded foundation, so familiarity with multi-threading is important. You’ll get to work with some amazing developers on a product that is both interesting to work on and a lot of fun to use. Plus, your family and friends will want to use it so you won’t constantly have to answer questions about what it is you work on!

Here are links to the positions:

FY12 New Grad- Member of Technical Staff – Adobe Carousel

FY12 New Grad- Member of Technical Staff, Quality Engineering – Adobe Carousel


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