by Kevin Goldsmith


August 18, 2012

When it was decided to stop support for public Pixel Bender filters for After Effects, some Pixel Bender developers where wondering if they could find a way to keep using their kernels. Luckily, aescripts has come to the rescue with their recent release of their Pixel Bender Kernel Accelerator.

more info:


  • By Jerry303 - 12:01 AM on December 4, 2012  


    Good thing came up with this GPU accelerator, but why did Adobe introduce Pixel Bender in the first place – in CS4 – and then drop it in CS6? Did not get a chance to develop.

    I upgraded from CS3 to CS6 recently expecting to do some experimenting with it, not realizing Adobe already dropped support!

    Is there something new coming up for “power users”?

  • By Peter - 9:44 PM on February 26, 2013  

    What Jerry said. A filter/shading language for AE would be lovely.