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August 18, 2012

Pixel Bender for After Effects CS6, courtesy of aescripts

When it was decided to stop support for public Pixel Bender filters for After Effects, some Pixel Bender developers where wondering if they could find a way to keep using their kernels. Luckily, aescripts has come to the rescue with their recent release of their Pixel Bender Kernel Accelerator.

more info:

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May 27, 2011

Todd Kopriva has a question for creators of Pixel Bender plug-ins for After Effects

Let After Effects know if protecting your Pixel Bender code is important to you. The comments are already very interesting.

here is the link

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March 17, 2011

new Pixel Bender tutorial posted to the Adobe Developer Network

I’ve posted a version of the tutorial on using Pixel Bender to animate a particle system that I did at Adobe MAX last year on the Pixel Bender section of the Adobe Developer Network. Take a look and let me know if there are more things around this that you would be interested in.


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March 9, 2011

A Couple New Pixel Bender Links

Frequent contributor to the Pixel Bender forums, Royi Avital, has released a new set of After Effects and Photoshop plug-ins written with Pixel Bender under the name Flixel Plugins. The first three are now available on

Flixel Plugins on

ApexVJ is a really beautiful Flash-based music visualizer that uses Pixel Bender

Simo Santavirta, the creator, wrote an article on his blog about it.

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March 3, 2011

New Pixel Bender blog now live

The Pixel Bender team now has an official Pixel Bender blog. I’ll keep posting Pixel Bender stuff here, of course, but that will now be the official and primary location for Pixel Bender news.

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December 18, 2010

New build of Pixel Bender Toolkit 2.5 posted

We fixed the earlier mac bug and it should now work for everyone. Please download the new build from

Thanks for your patience!

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December 10, 2010

Pixel Bender Toolkit 2.5 released!

UPDATE 12.17.2010! We’ve resolved the bug and posted a new build. Please download this new build and use at will!

UPDATE 12.13.2010! It looks like the problem we discovered is Mac-only. We now have a repro case and are working on a new build. Please reply to this post if you’ve seen any issues with parameters not appearing on Windows machines (we can’t repro that case). If you are running on a mac, please skip this build and we’ll post another ASAP.

UPDATE 12.11.2010! It looks like something went wrong in the staging and the wrong version was posted. Please hold off installing for now.

The newest version of the Pixel Bender Toolkit, 2.5 is now available for download from the Pixel Bender Technology Center or as an update if you installed it as part of the Creative Suite or After Effects or Flash Pro.

This new version includes some bug fixes and a new graphical editor for creating Pixel Bender graphs for Photoshop or After Effects.

One thing to be careful on, if you currently have version 2.1 of the Pixel Bender Toolkit installed, you need to follow some instructions in the release notes before installing version 2.5

Happy Pixel Bending!

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October 27, 2010

Announcing Pixel Bender 3D!

Tonight in the sneak peaks at MAX, I announced a project my team has been working on: Pixel Bender 3D for the new Flash player Molehill APIs.

This new version of Pixel Bender includes an Actionscript API which will let you combine Pixel Bender Material and Vertex kernels at runtime and includes a lot of optimization tricks plus helper APIs that simplify using the Molehill shader APIs.

I’ll be posting more info about this new language, APIs and tools soon.

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October 18, 2010

Come work for my team!

Are you graduating in the next year or have you graduated recently from a bachelor’s or master’s program? I’m looking for a new college hire for my team. Go to and look in the North American jobs area for job #5543.

Here is the description:
Position Summary
The Adobe Image Foundation team is looking to hire a graduating bachelor’s or master’s degree student with in interest in creating new technology and services in the digital media arena. Candidate would work with existing high-powered team who have contributed to Photoshop, After Effects, Flash and other Adobe digital media authoring applications. The team has members in both Seattle, WA and San Jose, CA and the successful applicant would be able to work in either location.


* Work with existing team members to extend existing software and tools and move into services realm.
* Help team extend existing GPGPU and multi-core algorithms to run efficiently within the server environment
* Help investigate ways of bringing High-Performance computing techniques to work within a data-center context and cost envelope.


* Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or related field
* Strong C++ language skills
* Experience doing some services development
* Interest and/or class work in some of the following areas computer graphics, multi-threading, computer vision, signal processing, distributed systems, real-time systems, High Performance Computing, or GPGPU.
* Desire to learn, grow and invent!

Please submit your resumes on-line. Thanks!

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October 9, 2010

Linky Friday: Pre-Pre MAX edition

Yes, first I am going to flog my MAX Bring-your-own-laptop lab again…

Intermediate Pixel Bender: Pixels and Beyond
Attend this lab for an introduction to topics like optimizing your Adobe Pixel Bender and ActionScript code; using ShaderJobs to process data asynchronously; using Pixel Bender to process audio and other non-image data efficiently in your Flash movies; taking advantage of Pixel Bender parameter metadata; and new Pixel Bender APIs in Flex 4. We’ll also give you a look under the hood regarding how the Pixel Bender runtime works in Adobe Flash Player 10.

Wednesday, October, 27th, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Room: 510

Now on to the links!

Droste Pixel Bender Plug-in tutorial

Helen Bradley has posted a tutorial on using Tom Beddard’s Droste Effect in Photoshop on the Digital Photography School blog.

Francois Tarlier is back with another in his series of useful Pixel Bender filters for After Effects, this time he has a tool to help you identify pixels in your footage that are too light or dark, ft-Brightness Check. He also has some other very useful Pixel Bender filters for After Effects for sale on aescripts.

AndrewYY's UVmapper Pixel Bender plug-in for After Effects

AndrewYY's UVmapper Pixel Bender plug-in for After Effects

AndrewYY has also posted a nice set of Pixel Bender utility plug-ins for After Effects on the forums

Satya Meka has posted a new Pixel Bender filter for AE called “Dot Pixels” also on aescripts, which looks really fun.

In the some-of-the-older-stuff-I-missed-previously department…

Made By Pi Blend Modes

Made By Pi Blend Modes

Mike A from Made by Pi posted an update to his Blend Modes library for Flash.

I just came across this great Page Turn Pixel Bender filter for Flash (with Source!) from Thomas Vian.

Thanks again, and REGISTER FOR MY LAB!

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