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July 31, 2012

The Revel team is hiring! Developers, White Box Quality Engineers and Program Managers.

My organization is having a bit of a growth spurt and we’re looking for good folks with a passion for Photography and making high-quality, easy-to-use software for desktop, tablets, phones and the web. Here are the positions we’re looking to fill:

The Revel client team is looking to hire two senior computer scientists. This team is building the Revel client for desktop and mobile. You can find out more about the positions from this link and this link.

Prefer coding in Ruby to ObjC or C++? The Adobe Revel web services team is hiring both a computer scientist and white box quality engineer.

The Adobe Camera Raw team is looking for a talented engineer with a passion for photography. This image processing engine not only powers applications like Lightroom on the desktop, but also Revel on mobile, and is a major part of other products like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and others.

Finally, we’re also looking for an experienced Program Manager to work with me, the engineers, and our Product Managers.

If you are attending the Siggraph conference next week and would like to talk more about any of these positions, leave a comment here or send me a tweet and we can talk.

For more information, see

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October 11, 2011

Are you graduating this fall or spring? Do you love photography and writing code? I may have a job for you!

I currently have two positions open for students graduating with a bachelors or masters degree on my team, Adobe Carousel. One position is for a developer and the other is for a white box test developer. The requirements for both are very similar, since both are coding positions. I need strong coders with experience in C/C++ as well as ObjC, Java or a functional language. We are building on a heavily threaded foundation, so familiarity with multi-threading is important. You’ll get to work with some amazing developers on a product that is both interesting to work on and a lot of fun to use. Plus, your family and friends will want to use it so you won’t constantly have to answer questions about what it is you work on!

Here are links to the positions:

FY12 New Grad- Member of Technical Staff – Adobe Carousel

FY12 New Grad- Member of Technical Staff, Quality Engineering – Adobe Carousel


Want to know more about the team?

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March 12, 2011

Looking for some experienced white-box quality engineers!

I’ve just posted two new job openings to the Adobe jobs website.

check ’em out:
Computer Scientist, Quality Engineering – Mobile Photography Products (08478)
Computer Scientist, Quality Engineering – Mobile Photography Products (08481)

This is a really exciting opportunity to build something brand new! here is more info about the gig:

Computer Scientist, Quality Engineering – Mobile Photography Products

Position Summary

A brand new product team in the Professional Digital Imaging group is looking for experienced white box quality engineers with a passion for Photography to help us create an entirely new product family as part of one of the world’s most recognized brand names. Do you have good coding skills and a commitment to the art and science of producing quality products? If you enjoy working with advanced technologies, aren’t intimidated by aggressive goals, and have a proven commitment to delivering great software, this may be the role for you.


* Ability to work in an agile development environment.
* Interest in developing test tools and infrastructure for new coding models and languages.
* Work closely with developers on the design and specification of features.
* Code and develop comprehensive test media that will test and emulate scenarios for existing and new API’s.
* Create and run automation.
* Perform hands on testing of daily builds on actual devices.
* Critically think about how consumers will interact with the software being tested and turn those thoughts into bugs, action items, and avenues of discussion.
* Work extremely well with others by both leading and following depending on the circumstance.
* Continually research new mobile technologies and incorporate that new knowledge into your ongoing QA process.
* Accurately file and verify comprehensive bug reports.


* Minimum of five years software Quality Engineering experience.
* Proficiency writing code and developing test automation.
* Passion for mobile devices and other gadgets.
* Passion for photography.
* Ability to achieve results with little supervision or direction.
* Flexibility to move between tasks.
* Ability to avoid distractions and deliver against deadlines.
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
* BS or MS Computer Science degree or equivalent industry experience.


* Professional on the job experience using C++, Objective C, Java, or Lua.
* Experience testing on Mobile Operating Systems.

[Updated 3/15/2010 to include direct links to the job postings]

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March 9, 2011

Looking for a graduating college senior or masters candidate for my new team

I’m looking for a graduating CS, EE or ECE major with an interest in Photography, mobile and good experience with C-based languages to work with my group. This position is for a new graduate only.

Go to Adobe Jobs website and search on job ID 05714.

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